Redwood Electric Cooperative

Redwood Electric Cooperative was started in April 1937 by a few local farmers in our area, but the idea and beginning stages started in the later part of 1935.  After lots of trial and error, on November 30th, 1937, the first rural line put up by our cooperative was energized.  Farmers had electricity for homes and farm buildings.  What started out with 90 miles of highline which had brought electricity to 148 members soon increased to 1,334 members and about 699 miles of line.  Currently Redwood Electric serves approximately 4,500 members and 1,369 miles of line and still continuing to grow.  

Our member service area covers a range of homes, farms and businesses in parts of Redwood, Brown, Lyon, Murray and Cottonwood Counties and 9 local towns. 


Office Hours:  7:00am to 3:30pm Monday - Friday

Phone:  (507) 692-2214 or (888) 251-5100

Pay-By-Phone:  (844)-846-2696



Redwood Electric Cooperative
60 Pine St.
Clements, MN 56224

Bylaws of Redwood Electric Cooperative

Articles of Incorporation Of Redwood Electric Cooperative

If you have any problems with our website or can not access forms or applications please contact us. We can provide information to you via mail, email, phone or by visiting our Clements office.


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