Scholarships, Grants & MN Youth Tour Trip to Washington D.C.

Scholarships, Grants & MN Youth Tour Trip to Washington D.C.

Operation Round-Up®

Operation RoundUp® is a volunteer community support program that Redwood Electric Cooperative offers.  It is designed to provide financial assistance to worthwhile projects and charities in our service area and local communities.  In essence, its people helping people.  Redwood Electric feels it should do more than just sell electricity.  Our goal is to enhance the equality of life for our members.  In one sense, Operation RoundUp® is an extension of that goal.   The “neighbor helping neighbor” concept that built our cooperative over 70 years ago is why we offer this program.  

Each month, Redwood Electric will “round up” the electric bills of participating members to the next dollar.  For example, if your bill is $74.65, we would round it up to $75.00.  The additional 35 cents would go to the Operation RoundUp® fund.  Our members who participate in the program spend on average $6.00 per year. 

In addition to providing financial assistance to non profit organizations and charitable programs, Operation RoundUp®  also provides educational scholarships to students graduating from high schools that are located in our service area.  Scholarships are awarded each spring and applications for non profit or charitable grants are considered every year in the fall. 

Your contribution is tax deductible and the funds are administered by the Trust Board, which is made up of volunteers from throughout the area that Redwood Electric Cooperative serves. 

Examples of projects Operation RoundUp® has given money to include:  firefighting equipment for volunteer fire departments; lifesaving equipment for ambulance or rescue squads; hospice programs; education scholarships; youth programs; Toys for Tots and similar programs; community recycling programs; environmental research programs; food shelves; crisis centers; clothing, shelter and medical services following accidents or natural disasters. 

All Redwood Electric Cooperative members are automatically enrolled to participate in Operation RoundUp®, however, the program is voluntary.  If you DO NOT wish to participate, you must contact our office or Opt Out through SmartHub.


Currently we are accepting applications for our Operation Round-up Grant for Non-Profit Organizations.  All applications must be in our office or postmarked by 3:30pm on September 3rd. Please contact our office with any questions, thank you!  Please click on the link below for an application.

Non-Profit Grant Application 



Basin Electric $1000 Student Scholarship-CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

Redwood Electric is honored to partner with Basin Electric to award a $1000 scholarship to a dependent of a Redwood Electric Cooperative member.  This scholarship is available to high school seniors and college students enrolled full-time in an accredited two or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school working on an undergraduate or master degree.  The Deadline to submit applications is February 5th, 2021 and must be in our office by 3:30 pm or postmarked by the deadline.  

Basin Electric $1000 Scholarship




2021 Youth Tour Scholarship Application-CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

This year our Youth Tour Trip Application looks a little different.  Minnesota has decided not to participate in Youth Tour 2021. Being an event of this magnitude requires extensive pre-planning and we feel COVID-19 presents too many logistical obstacles, potential risks and unknowns for us to feel comfortable and confident that it would be a safe and worthwhile investment and opportunity for both co-ops and students alike.  This year our Board of Directors decided to offer three Youth Tour Scholarships for high school seniors to replace the 2021 trip to Washington D.C. 

1st Place-$1000

2nd Place-$1000

3rd Place-$500

2021 Youth Tour Scholarship  Application

*Thank you for your support of the youth tour and for your understanding of this difficult decision as we navigate these unprecedented times. We look forward to the continued success of the youth tour program in the coming years ahead.

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