Rebate Programs

Rebate Programs

Redwood Electric Cooperative 2017 Rebate Programs

ATTENTION:As we approach the 2nd half of the year, we do recommend checking with our office first on the availability of funds for the rebate programs.  It is a first come first serve program and we have exhausted a majority of our funds for 2017.  If you have any questions, please call, 507-692-2214 or 888-251-5100. 


Recipients must be a REC member and the appliance must be installed within the cooperative’s territory. Any checks or credits will be made in the name or account of the member.  Appliance rebates $100 or less will be credited to your electric bill.  Appliance rebates over $100 or all other rebates will be issued as a check to the member.  The completed applications will be processed on a first come first served basis as they are received in our office.  The program will end when funds are exhausted, so it is important to submit your rebate applications right away. 

If you have questions concerning rebates please contact our office at 888-251-5100 or you can email


*Please Note

  1. For homeowner to receive a rebate for a Central Air Conditioner or Air Source Heat Pump the contractor must be registered as a "qualified contractor" through  Click here to see listing of qualified contractors.  These qualified contractors have agreed to the terms of the program and passed a test demonstrating their knowledge of quality installation practices.  The Qualified Contractor will have the rebate form. 
  2. Commercial and Ag LED Lighting Rebates are for Businesses and Ag accounts only.  Home LED lighting is for any residential members for their home or garages.  If you have questions about this please contact our office. 
  3. Only completed applications with all required documents will be processed.  Please make sure you have all required information prior to sending in your rebate application. Example: Energy Star Label for appliances, receipts showing purchased date and item.
  4. Appliance and HOME/HOLIDAY LED Lighting rebates $100 or less will be credited to your account.  Any other rebates will be issued to the member as a check.  Commercial and Ag rebates can take longer to process than the residential rebates.  Please contact our office if you have a ny questions.
  5. LED lighting receipts MUST show LED and the quantity of bulbs.  If that information is not on the receipt we need the UPC code and the box showing LED and the quantity.  You can either take pictures or cut the information off the box and send it into our office either by mail or email.
  6. All appliance rebates must include the energy star label. 
Examples of Energy Star Labels






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