Rebate Programs

Rebate Programs

Redwood Electric Cooperative 2018 Rebate Programs

Thinking about updating your refrigerator or freezer in 2018? Or maybe it's time to replace your old air conditioner with an energy efficient air source heat pump.  Not only can you save money by going to more energy efficient models, you may also qualify for rebates through Redwood Electric Cooperative.  Rebates are available to members only, may be limited to a total of $4,000 per year per member. 

Summary of 2018 Rebate Programs

Appliance rebates and Home LED Lighting rebates are available on qualified Energy Star appliances.  To obtain your rebate please use the 2018 Appliance and Home Lighting Rebate Application.

If you don't need a new air conditioner or air source heat pump, but your unit could use a tune up, we have a rebate for that.  Our Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Tune Up rebate is $25.  You can obtain this form by using the tune up form. 

Ducted (ASHP) and Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps qualify for a $600 rebate.  ASHP rebate form and Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump rebate form

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) are a very efficient way to heat and cool your home or shop.  South Central Electric offers a $600/ton rebate on GSHP installs.  Ground Source Heat Pump rebate form.  Learn more about ground source heat pumps by visiting the Minnesota Geothermal Heat Pump Association website.

Commercial and Agricultural rebates are available on a custom basis and are based on KW reduction.  Rebates are for retrofit projects only.  Rebates are $50 per KW with a max of $4,000.  Rebates will not exceed 25% of the project cost.  Rebate is based on item cost only, installation costs are not included.  To qualify project must produce 1KW of energy savings minimum.  You can see if your project qualifies by putting your information into the Custom Commercial and Industrial Rebate calculator.  Please contact our office at 1-888-251-5100 if you have any questions.                                                

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